People and music – two of the main ingredients needed to create a festival for the community.

35,000 music lovers made their way to Finsbury Park, London, to listen to an array of bands across one single day.

Finsbury Park has hosted some of the biggest names in the music industry – Pearl Jam, The Stone Roses, Oasis and even Jimi Hendrix.

The day was structured so the festival-goers were able to easily catch every band playing on the day, even if it meant taking a short walk between the two stages or a quick stop in the beer tent between acts.

Slaves, possessing an odd, sleazy charm, entertained the crowd. The two-piece paraded shirtless and sweaty displaying a ‘Tories Out’ sign, provoking the audience to chant “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!” to the tune of ‘Seven Nation Army’ by The White Stripes. Isaac Holman, Slaves’ frontman, told stories between each song, such as why there is only two members in the band and sang: “I don’t watch television it’s a load of s***, I don’t watch television unless David Attenborough’s… on it”, creating a roar of laughter from the audience.

Madness’ Suggs on stage with Slaves.

The Liverpool group, The Wombats, took to the stage as the penultimate act of the day. ‘Moving To New York,’ ‘Techno Fan’ and ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’ became clear favourites by the festival-goers as they jumped and sang along. Bassist, Tord Øverland Knudsen, described his fans as “an extended family.”

Liverpool’s very own The Wombats.

The long-awaited Catfish and the Bottlemen took to the stage with Dean Martin’s ‘Ain’t That a Kick in the Head’ playing in the background. The Welsh band released their first record, The Balcony, in 2014 and their second album, The Ride, last year (2016).

The alligator, from the cover of ‘The Ride’, hung in the background, yellow light filtered into the crowd and they kick started their set with ‘Homesick’. This has a fluctuating, angsty outburst which appears from nowhere with its tip-toe opening.

The long-awaited Catfish And The Bottlemen

The crowd cheered, bounced and sang along as the band created an energetic show, varying between tracks from both albums. Some of the most popular ones proved to be ‘Kathleen,’ ‘Cocoon,’ ‘Twice’ and ‘7’.

Frontman, Van McCann, had previously said he writes songs with live shows in mind. The ending track, ‘Tyrants’, made an incredible ending to the day festival, featuring the lyrics: “Tyrants help build us/And they won’t mind throwing us away”.



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