A sea of bucket hats and adidas trainers made their way to the capital.

The Stone Roses played their first London gig in four years to a sold-out audience at Wembley Stadium.

The well-known, Manchester legends took to the stage whilst ‘Stoned Love’ by The Supremes played in the background – the song featuring the line “A love for each other will bring fighting to an end.”

Beforehand, support came from The G-O-D, Sleaford Mods and them Blossoms boys – all of which got the crowd ‘geared up’ for a majestic night of the quartet’s defiant, Mancunian spirit.


Brown, Squire, Mani and Reni kicked off their set with, ‘I Wanna Be Adored.’ It’s a distinct track, with a baseline opening and minimalistic lyrics. It prompted an outburst of singing and dancing from the joyous crowd. Flares created a significant splatter-effect of vivid colours across the floor of the stadium.

With minimal chatter coming from the frontman, Ian Brown, the band powered through their long set. John Squire put his foot on the wah-wah pedal for the first time for the song ‘Elephant Stone’ and it created the combination of funk and melody.

‘Fools Gold’ is stretched out by Mani and Reni as they cleverly held and expanded the rhythm as Squire revelled as a guitar hero.

‘Waterfall’ twisted into its backwards version, ‘Don’t Stop,’ and the crowd witnessed some serious psychedelic melodies.

The closing song, ‘I Am The Resurrection,’ Reni begins with a drum solo, creating his very own playful, drum groove before he is joined by synchronised bass beats and guitar riffs. As the track comes to an end, the indie-quartet wind it down and embrace each other before waving their goodbyes to the Wembley Stadium audience.

The stadium’s lights came on and newest track ‘Beautiful Thing’ by the band began to play, meaning the fans could sing along as they made their way out of the venue.

The Stone Roses’ gig provided rejoice once again for the capital city.


The Stone Roses’ setlist:


  • I Wanna Be Adored
  • Elephant Stone
  • Sally Cinnamon
  • Mersey Paradise
  • (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister
  • Where Angels Play
  • Shoot You Down
  • Waterfall
  • Don’t Stop
  • Begging You
  • Elizabeth My Dear
  • Fools Gold
  • All for One
  • Love Spreads
  • Made of Stone
  • She Bangs the Drums
  • Breaking into Heaven
  • This is the One
  • I Am the Resurrection



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