Despite being super nervous about beginning my new life as a fresher at Nottingham Trent University – new course, new people, new home – my first term has been an absolute ball.

Moving away from my home comforts was rather scary and daunting to begin with, but with thanks to my amazing flatmates I soon adapted to student life.

Making new friends was so much easier than I first anticipated, I was worried I wouldn’t find someone I just ‘clicked with’ and could easily chat with about utter nonsense; however, I’m so lucky to live with some of the best people (some with the best music taste – thankfully!).

UV NIGHT (with plenty of alcohol…)

Although only the first term has come to an end, I already feel uni was the best decision of my life. Having so much independence and freedom and having endless opportunities on your door step are just a few of the many things. Living in a city is pretty cool, I’ll have to admit. Everything is so accessible being just a five minute walk away – shops, tourist attractions, restaurants, clubs – everything!

Arriving in a big city, to begin a course I had never done before was rather exciting yet nerve-racking – journalism has changed my whole perception of the world and I absolutely adore it.


Being at home for four whole weeks will be so different compared to being at my ‘home’ in Notts, but I’m more than ready for a little rest from such a hectic, student life.

Nottingham, I’ll love you and leave for a short period – see you soon!



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